“Hi, Hello and Welcome to my Show!”

This is how I started my street performance show for many many years in many many countries in front of many many people. I wonder how many people have seen my show? 

Then …

2009: I produced a DVD „Juggling for Beginners“ which I sold after my show. 
OMG, people bought it! Awesome! 

2010: I started selling this DVD online.
OMG, people bought it! Awesome!

2011: I created a juggling set to sell online with 3 balls, 3 scarves and my DVD – all in a lovely tin can. I modestly named this set: „The Ultimate Juggling Set“.
OMG, people bought it! Awesome! 

Now, several years later, I have 32 different juggling products; Diabolos, Flowersticks, Diabolo lights, iPhone app, juggling videos with hundreds of thousands of hits, wrote a book, made a TV documentary, am selling worldwide.
I am not re-inventing the wheel but I am definitely making it heaps better. 

My life now
More home and family, less traveling the world. 
More computer, less performing, which is fine. I am getting old.

Thank you street, thank you fellow performers, thank you audience and thank you life for teaching me all that I have learned and experienced. 

I feel a Frank Sinatra Song coming on.. “And now, the time is near……”

Stuff I have done!

Over 100 Festivals, to name a few…

Moers Comedy Festival, Koblenz, Paderborn, Edinburg Fringe Festival, Linz, Villach, Ypres BE, V&A Waterfront – South Africa and many many more. Over 38 countries, 4 continents and thousands and thousands of audience members.

Coorporate (again, to name only a few)

  • Siemens
  • Mercedes
  • Azlan
  • Merlin Toyz
  • AOK Versicherung
  • BMW AG
  • Fruit Logistika
  • und viele mehr

A few “Special Gigs”

  • Dalai Lama Temple in India for His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • Doha – Qatar Film Festival
  • WUP for – Manfred Man
  • Milow and the Eels


Many appearances in Germany, Austria and around Europe, the biggest being:

  • Villa Vanthilt Show, Belgium with 750,000 live viewers and
  • the “MusikantenStadl”, Austrian/German/Swiss TV with 6.5 million live viewers.

Prizes – to name a few

  • Semi finale at „ Super Talent – Germany“ 2010
  • Second Place at the Austrian TV / Kaberett Festival „Hopp oder Tropp“, 2011

First place Festivals

  • Bamberger Zaubert
  • Internationale Festspiele Oberhausen
  • Gutersloh Strassen Pfiffi 
  • Augsburg “La Piazza
  • Usedom Intl. Festival  
  • Neustadt Intl. Festival.

Second place

  • Giesener Schwätzer 
  • Pinneberger-Fest
  • Lenzburger Gauklerspektakel
  • Feldkirch Intl. Festspiele
  • Weinfelden Intl. Festival