Promote creativity

Avoid burnout

… and its fun

“Anyone can juggle. No matter who, no matter where, I guarantee it!”

Mister M

Why juggle?

Juggling is widely praised as an effective method against stress and burnout. It not only trains all  motor skills, it also connects the two halves of the brain and thus promotes creativity.

This has been proven scientifically

Juggling connects people, not only when passing juggling balls or clubs. Juggling keeps you fit, strengthens your back muscles, gives you a quick sense of achievement and, last but not least, it’s fun.

Seminar leader

Marcus Halbig, alias Mister M®, has been juggling for over 30 years and has had many thousand performances around the world. He created the iPhone app “Juggling with Mister M”, produced two juggling DVDs, developed a juggling set and written the books, “Welcome to my Show, A Street Performing Life, “ and  “Juggling for Beginners”.

Mister M® can teach you how to juggle and reduce stress as well.

The seminar (45 minutes) includes

  • 3 Ball Juggling How to,
  • and a short excerpt from his program, including juggling a running chainsaw and two knives!

Target group

Age and previous juggling training do not play a role in this seminar.

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