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Mister M® with his program 


Up to forty minutes of pure fun, filled with stunts, juggling (even torches and a chainsaw), fireworks and lots of comedy on one of the highest unicycles in the world. With the incredible height of 13 Feet, Mister M® is able to entertain hundreds of audience members without the need of a stage.


  • Semifinals at „ Super Talent – Germany“ 2010
  • Second place at the Austrian TV / Kabarett Festival „Hopp oder Tropp“, 2011
  • First place at the following events: Bamberg Zaubert – Oberhausen International Festival – Gutersloh Straßenfiffi  – Augsburg „La Piazza“ – Usedom Intl. Festival – Neustadt Intl. Festival.
  • Second place at the following events: Giesener Schwätzer – Pinneberger Festival – Lenzburg Gauklerspektakel – Feldkirch Intl. Festival – Weinfelden Intl. Festival

The ultimate juggling set

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