Those who juggle stay fit and healthy

Juggling has numerous benefits and has been associated with boosting brain development, accelerating the growth of neural connection, improving hand-eye coordination, and many more. 

Here are some articles that highlight the health benefits of juggling. We hope that these articles help you take up juggling. 

Juggling relaxes and makes you smarter!

Zeit Online: 8. November 2012

Just three minutes of juggling in the office raises your concentration. Hardly any other exercise is as effective as juggling. Several studies have confirmed this. Both halves of the brain have to work together – this promotes all your senses.

The brain’s grey matter increases when you regularly juggle. You not only become more alert and focused but smarter as well. Dopamine, the “happiness hormone” is released making you more happy and awake.

Colorful juggling balls strengthen the flow of your thoughts


Sports doctors and Neuologist have confirmed this study: Sports, especially juggling, actually make you smarter. The reason for this is that both sides of the brain are used.

So if you juggle balls regularly you:

  • train your spatial imagination.
  • promote your coordination and concentration.
  • improve your self-confidence.
  • improve your speech performance.

With regular practice, you can increase your verbal ability to express yourself by up to 60 percent.

Learning to juggle for the brain

Gesundheit blog.at

The good news: you can learn to juggle.

Juggling is an excellent way to train concentration, speed, a sense of balance and spatial awareness. It also helps to reduce stress.

The following tips ensure that you stick with it:

Consciously plan time for training every day. Keep calm and if it doesn’t work, try again.